Just Host sucks all the way!!!

Err… I am not an easy angry person. I won’t post it at blog if someone just made me angry 1 or 2 times purposely. But more than that? I am sorry, I can’t keep it to myself because I need to warm other from falling into my situation.

Thanks to “top web hosting” Google search result. I found this ‘wonderful’ Just Host shared web hosting company. Just Host must pay quite some money to get into top 10 listing. Or does it deserve to be on that list? NO is my answer. Why? Just Host web hosting suck. Just Host database server sucks. Just Host live chat support sucks. Just Host domain management tool sucks. Just Host cancellation team sucks. Just Host refund team sucks…

Stay with me. I will post why Just Host sucks one by one. In short, stay away from JustHost.com web hosting!!!

P/S – posting this might get some traffic from search engine as people love to search the word ~ suck. 😛

  • I thought you are not hosting with them anymore?

  • my advice is always go for the big boys. They may be expensive, but at least they are stable. What is the point if you’re going to have sleepless nights?

    • Haha… Thought it was cheap and reliable hosting. And putting my not so performing blog there is okay. But end up like this…

  • niki

    your jan 2011 earning dude .. please ..

  • Mitchel

    I could not agree with you more!!

    JustHost just plain SUCKS!!

    They used to decent, but now a days the servers are beyond slow…my Joomla site times out, the Joomla admin times out, even their own Control Panel times out.

    If you call you get put on FOREVER hold.

    If you use the live chat they say the server is experiencing problems (usual excuse), if you push them they say they have to escalate it.

    If you email them they say the server is experiencing problems and they will look into it.


    I HATE THEM!!!!

    So…who did yo switch to?

  • Mitchel

    Today’s chat:


    Mitchel: After 10 minutes on the phone and live chat I was disconnected.

    Mitchel: Is our site down: http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com/

    Kelvin: Please allow me some time to check

    Kelvin: Thank you for your patience…

    Mitchel: ok

    Kelvin: please try to access your website now

    Mitchel: very slow

    Mitchel: even your control panel is timing out: http://xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/cpanel

    Kelvin: There seems to be some temporary issue on the server

    Kelvin: Due to which you are facing problem

    Mitchel: with all due respect…that is the same response I always get

    Mitchel: every time there is a problem the default response is their is a server problem

    Kelvin: I suggest you to wait for some time as the server is backing up now

    Mitchel: like I said…the server is always the problem

    Mitchel: why is that

    Kelvin: Are you facing the problem frequently ?

    Mitchel: yes, it used to be VERY fast, but over the months it just keeps getting worse

    Mitchel: since Oct 2010 it’s been going downhill and our site is nothing complicated

    Kelvin: I suggest you to contact our support department at support@justhost.com

    Kelvin: And ask to move switch your account to another server

    Mitchel: I will try that…thanks!


    So what does this mean…they have a bad server and they suggest I request to be moved to one that works?

  • Just remember don’t go to host that offers unlimited disk + bandwidth.

  • Investment Properties

    I’m glad I found your post…I was considering trying Just Host out!

    I will say though that it’s not necessary to avoid hosts that offer unlimited disk & bandwidth altogether; I’ve had success with FatCow, with is cheap AND offers unlimited.

  • Why not just host and manage your blog via blogspot? It is fast, stable and free.

    • You will crying out loud when Google don’t like you and delete your blog. 😛

  • thats why i still using hostgator. hoho..

  • Hi,

    How about Ipage? i heard ipage and just host are same company..thinking to switch to Hostgator by end of this year

  • i gues it bad if you said like that.

  • justcrap

    This is the only company that has ever pissed me off to this degree. It’s also the only company that seems to go out of its way to avoid resolving hosting issues. Truly, the worst computer-related company I’ve dealt with since I left AOL in 1995.