Scraper sites outrank mine in Google after Farmer / Panda update

Interesting… Scraper sites outrank mine in Google after Farmer / Panda update. Seriously, this is really bad for authors like me who spend precious time to write articles. Hmm… something must be gone wrong with Google latest search engine algorithm. Is my blog being marked as ‘content farm’ site? I wonder…

Here are the keywords that I searched ~ dome queensbay mall.

Scraper site ranks at 7th while mine at 10th. Furthermore, this scraper site is just only 2 months old. And is having more than 100,000 entries at Google search index. only have around 7,000 entries indexed.

Which one is the ‘content farm’ site?

  • typical lah, I did a quite search on most blogs and most of the original content ranks below scrapper sites. This is possibly the worst update google ever performed. you are not alone.

    Google hired so many PHD to code an algo that doesn’t know which is a scrapper site and which is the original? It doesn’t take a PHD to code a good algo that detects scrapper sites, a scrapper sites copies from everyone, and if a site has lots of copied content from everyone, just deindex it.

    seems to be the new panda algo formula works the other way around, the more you copy, the higher you rank.

  • That is weird. Actually I am a bit confuse about how Google shows the result. Sometimes my post appear in 1st page but other time it appear at 3rd or 4th page. I guess the spam blog will disappear in the list soon. Having 100,000 indexed pages within 2 months are not human work.

  • saw my friend’s blog on the first entry for dome penang! guess google will always tweak their algo for better result.

  • laila elmiry

    laila elmiry I think they actually do that on purpose