Top 7 reasons why Just Host sucks

Seriously, I have never use a web hosting that suck like Just Host. I won’t complaint and publish posts online if anyone just makes a mistake or two purposely. But more than that? Sorry… But does Just Host really that suck? Read all the 7 reasons and let me know then…

Just Host

Top 7 reasons why Just Host suck

  1. Just Host web hosting sucks
  2. Just Host database server sucks
  3. Just Host live chat support sucks
  4. Just Host domain management tool ~ Pipe DNS sucks
  5. Just Host cancel team sucks
  6. Just Host cancellation process sucks
  7. Just Host terms and conditions suck

Stay away from Just Host if you not yet sign up its hosting plan. For existing Just Host users, file a dispute on Just Host with PayPal is the fastest way to get back your refund…

  • Wow..good timing..i almost signed up for this hosting company.

  • ahmadhaikal

    waahhhh, you really angry with them!

  • sorry to hear that mate!

  • Damn, I just signed up there this month.
    About the domain management? Yes, it’s suck. Fortunately there is only one domain that I manage from there. And I will never build website from that domain. I only build website from domain that I bought from godaddy.

  • Made the mistake of signing for a membership approximately a month ago. Almost from the onset, experienced numerous performance related problems. Despite submission of more than half a dozen trouble tickets, never received any tangible resolution. Problems included connectivity to backend database, inability to access WordPress admin panel, etc. Without notification, Just Host suspended my account for utilization of system resources in excess of 10%, which is highly doubtful. Without attempting to determine if a Denial of Service (DoS) or other cause was to blame, they promptly suspended my account and posted a large banner stating such on both of my websites. While the technical support number is 24/7, quite often actual access to the system occurs from persons in the Ukraine! To those considering, strongly recommend looking elsewhere for a hosting provider.

  • Steve Kelly

    Justhost is running a SCAM! You will never get your money back, when you make a critical comment, the admins will lock down your account and threaten you with suspension, there support is the worst money can buy. Justhost is not the solution, Justhost is the question, NO! is the answer, don’t screw up your peace of mind by signing up with that hostile company. BTW… the admins there have a “god”-complex! You have to worship them!!