Google AdSense earnings report does not match with payment history

Why? Why? Why? My Google AdSense earning in March is not same at payment history? First time after using Google AdSense for 3 years. I just notice that the earning report is just estimated earnings.

Actually, this earning different issue started at February earning. I did not notice it. Based on my Income Report, I should receive US$ 220.05 for February and US$ 304.24 for March. But based on payment history page which display finalised earnings and payments, it does not match at all. I searched around AdSense Help Forum, found 2 points that explain this situation.

The second bullet explains my case well ~ additional invalid click protections. By the way, the sabotage clicking is still happening at the time I write this. And I reported this issue to Google too. What addition steps can I do to prevent it? Stop posting income report maybe? Or remove all of them?