Increase blog traffic by leave comment at other blogs

Blog is not new to everyone anymore. The best part of blog compare to normal website is that you can leave comment at blog while normal website seldom has that function. Social networking is important nowadays. And blog is a great social networking tool.

What I will do whenever I visit other’s blog is to leave a comment. By doing so, the author of the blog will know that you came and visited his blog. In return, he might visit your blog. And some of his blog readers might do the same too. Isn’t it great? This is called blog hopping too. I usually do that during weekend when I have pretty of free time. Reading other’s blog for new information, latest story or anything that catch my eyes.

On the other hand, your blog must have the function to leave comment too. Better if no registration is required. I don’t like to register at blog in order to leave comment. I will pass that blog. Some of the readers like me will also do the same. Therefore, make sure that no registration is required when leave comment at your blog. This will surely improve your blog comment count.

Oh well, what are you waiting for now? Leave a comment here so that I know you came. 🙂