Keep track traffic sources with Google Analytics

Keep track of your traffic sources is another task that you must do. This will help you to get more information of your visitor. Google Analytics traffic sources overview consists of 3 major parts – Referring Sites, Direct Traffic and Search Engines. With this information, you can get the high level places of your visitors coming from.

Traffic sources overview

Referring Sites – other websites refer those visitors to your website.
Direct Traffic – those visitors come to your website directly.
Search Engines – the visitors come from search engines.

By looking on the high level information will not be enough. Go deep into the details when you have time. You can know which website that visitors come from. From which search engine or direct visit. Just look at below traffic details. You can find out that direct traffic is the top contributor. Following by Google search engine. Then website.

Details traffic information

I did not do a lot of marketing on this Make Money website. I only joined for the moment. And I seldom leave comment with Make Money website too. Therefore, most of the traffic comes from Google search engine and website.

Do keep track of your visitor whenever you do website marketing. By doing so, you will know which marketing method is the best for your website. Keep tracking…