Make online money with ADSDAQ ~ CPM Ads

CPM Ads… Which CPM Ads provider that gives you high return on your online income? I tried several CPM ads providers such as CPX Interactive… None of them bring much revenue to me. Their CPM pay rate is much lower than I expected. By the way, I have these CPM Ads on And I only got around USD 0.05 to USD 0.10 per day. Note – has around 800 page views per day.

However, ADSDAQ is another story. ADSDAQ CPM pay rate is more than better. Why? You can set your own CPM price. ADSDAQ calls this as AskPrice. Therefore, you will get what you set on your AskPrice. With this scheme, ADSDAQ will not display the ads all the time. It will only show up based on the percent and the AskPrice. The lower the AskPrice == the more ads will show up. The more earning you will get.

Oh, the minimum cash out is USD 50 only. And ADSDAQ pay on monthly basis. I got my first ADSDAQ payment after serving 3 months ADSDAQ ads. ADSDAQ is giving the best CPM pay rate for far. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s sign up ADSDAQ.