Ananda Krishnan to privatize Tanjong at RM20.50 a share?

Tanjong PLC was suspended yesterday. Suspended for 3 days. Will resume trading after official corporal announcement. What is then announcement then?

Based on Reuters, Malaysian billionaire Ananda Krishnan is set to buyout utilities and gaming company Tanjong PLC TJLP.KL for RM20.50 a share. It this true? Or he will split the power division and gaming division?

Let’s wait and see…

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  • Just like Measat..Tanjong soon will buy back by billionaire Ananda Krishnan !! Think.which unit is not making money? If all unit making good money, most likely Ananda Krishnan will take bk and delist from the bursa while the price is considered cheap for the time being..
    As long term investor,i am not happy with this practics by majaor shareholder. During bad time, they issues right and IPO to collect money with free interest from public.When the business starts to run well and good return, they tried to buy back all shares n dont want to share the fruits of the business with minor shareholders like us..This is not fair anyway!!

    • Ngan

      If it wasn’t for Najib, Ananda will never relist Maxis in Bursa. Najib wants Bursa to be the favorite among foreign funds, BN should stop ananda from doing this.