Blogger’s location is important

Err… Why other bloggers with much lesser traffic can get product to review? Not me with much higher traffic? Some of them only got 1/10 of my traffic and still selected as one of the reviewers. Hmm… One of the things that I suspected ~ location. Yup, I stay at Sungai Petani, Kedah in Malaysia. Far away from all the main events, head offices that located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of the PR guys told me that it is too far to send product for me to review. They need to pay extra insurance for the shipping.

Rural area

Well, Sungai Petani is not like picture above. But it is a small town when compare to KL. However, it still has all the facilities like post office, public transport… So far, I only got 2 Malaysia companies that sent hardware for me to review ~ GPS Bay and Maxis. Surprisingly, companies in US and UK actually send more product than Malaysia. Look like I need to do more marketing locally… October 2011 stats

Yeah… is getting highest monthly traffic on October 2011 since the last high on January 2011. Getting around 14k daily visits now. 6k short to my target ~ 20k daily visits. Still long way for Tribal Fusion 500,000 unique monthly visit requirement. Need to work hard…

  • Is it really the reason because your stay in SP?

    • The HTC PR told me so. Maybe just an excuse…

      • LCF

        Did you tell them even conduct reviews from overseas too? 🙂
        Nice traffic mate!

        • Nope. I will tell them next time. 😉

  • Such a nice traffic. I have see my blog traffic increasing slowly in this Google Panda Update. It seems like Google is crawling every single page on my blog now but still lost my ranking on some keywords. Blog income drop badly..

  • Woahhh. My jaw nearly drop when look on the traffic stats. Haha. Good job bro.

    • Thanks bro. No choice have to work hard as a full time blogger. 😛

  • ken

    Very nice traffic. Were you not afftected by google panda at all?

  • haha..i agree with you. location is important too.