Internet income report for December 2009

Bravo… Bravo to Innity. It managed to contribute the highest income last month. Thanks for its higher pay rate Site Take Over ad. Check out Nuffnang vs Innity post to find out which local ad company provides better earning. Or you can see it here too.

Internet income report for December 2009

Innity – US$ 243.79 (RM 825.73)
Google AdSense – US$ 209.01 (RM 707.91)
ADSDAQ – US$ 143.67 (RM 486.61)
Nuffnang – US$ 69.04 (RM 233.86)
Infolinks – US$ 67.10 (RM 227.26)

Grand Total: US$ 732.61 (RM 2481.37)

I changed blog layout last month. Removed Google AdSense leaderboard ad. The earning is about the same. But Infolinks earning is getting better. Will continue to improve the layout and earning.

  • Hi, I am expecting a payment from adsdaq for Novemember earnings through paypal.
    Just wanna know whether you recieved your payment for November or not? Tell me when they will send the payments for November.

    • Hmm… I forgot that I should receive ADSDAQ payment by end of December too. Nope. Did not receive yet. No delay issue during year 2008.

      • Thanks for such a prompt reply.
        Actually, I am expecting from my first payment from adsdaq. Thats why so worried.

        I’d like to thank again, Because it was your blog through which I came to know that adsdaq pays for sure. Before adsdaq I was relying on adsense which was offering me pennies (being a entertainment blog).

        Adsdaq helped me to monetize my blog to the fullest. 🙂

        • If u didn’t recieved the payment, then the delay cause of holiday season. Update me when you recieve the payment, I’ll also let you know if I recieve it.

          What about innity? any payment recieved? I am an Indian. Will it work for me?
          I have good traffic from US and UK, thanks to Indians who are resding their 🙂

          • Innity is a Malaysia company. I did receive 1st payment from them. Waiting 2nd payment next week. Not sure it works for India website or not. You need to check with them.

            • hey spblogger….
              Are you encountering some probs in ad availability for adsdaq..
              For the last 3 – 4 days.. its only filing 1 – 2 % of ad inventory with ecpm at 0.50$

              • Yes. Dropped a lot since 1st January. 🙁

  • Wah, Nice income! Seems keep increasing month by month!

    Congrats and good luck for year 2010! 😀

    • Thanks. Good luck to your too. 😉

  • you recieved adsdaq payment or not?

  • Wow, your income just drives me to do better with my own projects. Keep up the great work. You will reach $1,000 a month in no time at all.

  • What is your target Internet income in 2010?
    Wish you all the best.

  • Nope.. no payments….
    I think its cause of holiday season followed by weekend..

    It happens with me… it took me 4 months to receive my first cheque from adsense due to PIN issue.. My 2 PINs lost in post and luckily got the third.

    Well…. I submitted my application to innity.. whats the ecpm they are offering you? I am running a ad network which is offering me around 0.05$ ecpm per ad block.. So wanna try others..

    • Innity have ‘Manage Campaign’ function. I only accept those CPM campaigns with more than RM10.00 cost per unit.

  • Congrats!! 🙂 🙂
    Your income keep increasing..
    U did a very great job 🙂

    • Thanks. Good luck on your earning too. 😉

  • Innity dethrone Adsense. Voila. Is the eCPM high for Innity ad?

    • I only accept CPM campaigns with more than RM10.00 cost per unit. When Innity ads reach cap limit, it shows my backup ads. It is almost like ADSDAQ (local version). 🙂

      • Any update on adsdaq payment,,,,, its 6th of january and i am loosing my patience 🙁

        • I still don’t receive it too. Try to contact them see.

        • Just got my payment, how about you?

          • Ya.. I too recieved it. It was 820$ for me….. hooray 🙂

            • Good. USD820? That’s a lot… 😀

  • Your income is pretty much good and I hope you will cross 4 figure income by feb or march 😉 Who are you? Student or full timer..

    And can’t see those Innity ads here.. hmm

  • So easy for you to make money online and quite difficult for me to reach your level.