Internet income report for June 2009

Go… Google AdSense go… Go… Go… Go… Yes. My Google AdSense earning finally broke USD 200 level. Historical record high of USD 236.06. Jayce Ooi’s Paradise itself contributed USD200. Follow by Pretty Girl 2u and SP Blogger. ADSDAQ also performed better than usual. Passed USD 50 cash out limit. Infolinks earning increased too.

Internet income report for June 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 236.06 (RM 823.54)
ADSDAQ – US$ 51.60 (RM 180.01)
Nuffnang – US$ 44.52 (RM 155.32)
Infolinks – US$ 15.70 (RM 54.77)

Grand Total: US$ 347.88 (RM 1213.64)

Well… Nuffnang was the only one that contributed lesser income due to less advertisement assigned to 3 of my blogs. 5xmom managed to get RM 3000 per month from Nuffnang. Why I cannot? Hmm…

  • Again, good job bro. You have create a new record, mind to share your average traffic per day and CTR 🙂

  • @Ah Hong: Thanks bro. has around 1,500 daily visits. CTR around 2% this time.

  • Amazing! What have you done? Or it is just an organic growth? Congratulations!

  • Congratz you did great as always. I only did $600. Trying to make it to $1,000 a month. Kind of harder than I thought.

  • Congrats Jayce! Finally you break $200+ Adsense per month! I only able to earn about $40+ per month from Adsense, but I did earn about $500+- from other sources on June. I hope I can maintain the earning every month. 😀

    Ka Hoong

  • Well done, Jayce. You’re good in earning online money. 🙂 May I know most of your blog traffic came from organic search engine or other resources?

  • @Marco: Lot of links exchange. Changed my comment style at all the blogs.

    @Ka Hoong: Wow… $500. What are the income sources? I also want to earn that.

    @Lee: For… Search engine = 77%, direct = 17% and referral = 6%. 😀

  • Great to know so many Malaysian bloggers here are making money online! Gambateh for everyone here!

  • Well done on your June earnings. Adsense is doing very well for me at the minute too!! Adsdaq isnt doing as well unfortunately

  • Congrat Jayce. It is good to know you have break a new record 🙂