Internet income report for October 2009

Yes! My Internet income broke RM 2,000 level finally. Although it is just a spike that cannot maintain, but I am happy with it. Google AdSense was the only one that brought less revenue. CPM Ads did help a lot when traffic increased. Nuffnang and Innity fought very hard and ended Nuffnang won the game in October after loss in September. “Nuffnang vs Innity”, which one will be the winner in the end?

Internet income report for October 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 224.47 (RM 764.32)
Nuffnang – US$ 160.76 (RM 547.42)
Innity – US$ 157.46 (RM 536.18)
ADSDAQ – US$ 117.04 (RM 398.52)
Infolinks – US$ 45.28 (RM 154.17)

Grand Total: US$ 705.01 (RM 2400.61)

Innity Performance Network is a bright star (when I get the payment. It delayed September payment. Else I should get it by now. Hopefully, it won’t happen on October payment as well). No payment (or delay payment) makes me thinking of Advertlets. Advertlets is still not paying bloggers nowadays. And getting payment from Advertlets is a tough task. You need to write blog post to ask for your payment like I did. Else you will end up getting nothing.

Remember… More traffic will bring more revenue. 😉

  • Congratulation on the great payment. So proud of you and keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Congratz on the income, seems like it goes up every month. Keep working on your traffic.

  • Kelly

    That’s good stuff, how much traffic did you need to bring in this much revenue?

  • cool. You earn around 2k. Thats not easy.

  • Wow! A step closer to become a full time blogger.

    • Still have long long way to go. This earning is just a spike that cannot maintain. Need to have at least RM 4-5k steady income to be a full time blogger.

  • The revenue is higher than the fresh grad salary…good work.

    • Thanks bro. But MNC fresh grad salary is high today, around 2.8 to 3k already. Or should I say that we are underpay. 😛

  • You have great earning there. Is the earning for this blog only?

  • wow.. rm2400 ..its a milestone… how come nuffnang so high? are you selected for some sort of campaign?

    • Yes. There were several campaigns running last month.

  • Congratulation! Fantastic to see spBlogger break the record again!

  • congratulation. you keep the momentum.