JayceOoi.com 2009 Performance Review

Time flied… Year 2009 had become history. A bright new year 2010 is in front of us. Let’s us fight for our future. And review our performance in the past…

There was a spike in traffic during January to March 2009 because I changed the Google Analytics code to header from footer (You can have more traffic this way because some visitors did not wait until your page to finish loading and left).

611,650 visits in year 2009 ~ 213.97% increased from year 2008. And broke 1 million pageviews ~ 1,029,483 pageviews (195.80% increased from year 2008).

Year 2010 will be a better year. And target to have more than 5000 daily visitors and Google PageRank 5 (PR4 at least, now still PR3). Okay, let’s fight for it. 😉

  • Woohoo. Wonderful to have million page view for a year. Bro, did you try anything like CSS or JS compression?

  • Yes. We need to always set a target so that we can fight for it. I never could imagine what is the feeling having 5000 daily visitors.. 🙂

  • Great achievement Jayce! Congrats to you. That will be good if 1 million pageviews can convert to RM 1 Million. Hehe…

  • Sweet numbers =D all the best to your new target!

  • Congratz! Great achievement, I hope I can do that.. 🙂