Who is Josh Lim?

For those who sign up with Advertlets… You should know who Josh Lim is. He is the CEO of Advertlets. Yes, the man that give you all the Ad on your website. And pay you too. (if he did 😛 ).

Here is his photo taken from http://logicyuan.blogspot.com/

And video from YouTube…

Enjoy… 😀

  • i really admire him, he is same age with me, and he own a big business already, and i still sit here blogging 🙁

  • He… He… May I know how old are you? So that I can know Josh Lim age too. 😛

  • When did they interview Josh Lim? I can’t believe that there’s only 2% broadband penetration in Malaysia.

  • Not sure when the interview took place. This video was uploaded by Josh Lim himself. Maybe you can ask him. 😛